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The group behind this effort is led by The Shomof Group, who own the 26-acre property where the rebuilding center will be located, and Bill Taormina, businessman and philanthropist who
has played an instrumental role in addressing homelessness within Orange County.


One of the first developers to embark upon the preservation and revitalization of Los Angeles’ Historic Core.

Known as the “King of Spring,” for his dedication to rebuilding downtown’s core
neighborhood, Izek has overseen the redevelopment and management of iconic Los Angeles Affordable housing properties like the Alexandria Hotel, Hotel Hayward, Bristol Hotel, Baltimore
Hotel, and King Edward Hotel (over 1500 units).


The Taormina Family has a long and successful history in the recycling industry for the last 70 years. During the last ten years, they have placed their entire focus on working with local governments in public/private partnerships to solve the issues of homelessness in Southern

“Our family is focused on the future of our city. The Life Rebuilding Center is our family’s effort
towards the solution through partnering up with local and state officials along with community
partners in the City and County of Los Angeles to save lives and improve the quality of life for
everyone in our city,”
- Jonathan Shomof.

“The Life Rebuilding Center is all about regaining human dignity and restoring lives!
This caring environment will offer comprehensive services all under one roof that will
truly impact and change lives. The facility will provide individuals with the resources they
need to get on their feet and restore their lives – from sanitary living conditions and freshly-cooked meals to medical care and job training.”
- Bill Taormina


Bill Taormina, Jonathan Shomof and Izek Shomof are available for media interviews.


To schedule an interview, please contact Ulisses Sanchez via email at

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